Do You Have a Right to Utilize Unlicensed Medical Practitioners?

In 2013, Santa Fe police arrested an Albuquerque dentist who was accused of operating an illegal dental practice out of his truck and a dirty tackle box.  During a sting operation, police were able to bait the suspect, Eliver Kestler, into offering unlicensed, cut-rate dental work.  In doing so, Kestler was accused of violating several federal and state laws, as well as endangering the lives of all of the “patients” that he treated.  Aside from noting the inherent risk in hiring noncertified strangers for medical treatment, manylocal professionals feelas though they need to help remedy the situation by providing free treatment for victims.  With a trial set for February 2015, victims and medical boards are hoping the man remains behind bars.

However, some believe that the victims made a choice in utilizing his services and that this should be considered as legal consent.  Many who make this argument compare this situation to hiring unlicensed contractors for things such as pool service and home repair.  The argument elaborates on the Kestler situation by claiming that, whether he has the skills to perform the procedures or not, you can’t blame someone for offering a service that’s cheaper than its competitors, even if it is potentially harmful.  They are essentially debating standard medical licensing law that is in place to protect citizens from, whether they know it or not, endangering their lives.  The issue from this point is a matter of deception.  Kestler, perhaps, had he been more upfront with his patients and taken excellent care of them, could have been an advocate for legalizing unlicensed medical practice.

Insurance coverage and payment options are another issue that those who put faith in unlicensed medical practices need to address.  In the Kestler scenario, patients were unable to use the free healthcare offered under new law.  Furthermore, when patients were unable to pay up, Kestler made threats and acted like a thug.  To validate the right to unlicensed medical treatment, one would have to get at least some of the big insurance companies, as well as federal health insurance agencies, on board.  Without their involvement, the financial setting would resemble that of you leasing a lemon of a car out via a loan with terribly high interest rates.  Except, in this case, you aren’t getting a bad car, you are getting bad healthcare.

Onthe same day he posted bail, Kestler was thrown back in a cell for violating his parole terms after an intimidating comment was made to Blanca Castillo, one of the alleged victims.  He will remain confined until his court date sometime in the middle of February.  As with most unique legal situations, lawmakers and attorneys are hoping that this case will establish a firm precedent for similar cases in the future.  As legal counsel to the victims, attorney Morgan Wood is confident that the jury will find Kestler guilty, especially given his reckless actions since being arrested over a year and a half ago.

Finding the Right Dentist in Albuquerque

When moving to a large city such as Albuquerque, New Mexico, it will be difficult to find dentists that suit your family’s financial and health needs.  Usually, people like to find medical professionals via word of mouth and family recommendation.  But, as a new resident of Albuquerque, you might not know anybody, let alone someone to ask about what dentist they go to.  Searching the local White Pages and visiting individual offices can work, but do you really want to go through all of that hassle only to be shortchanged of honest information?  Any albuquerque dentist would tell you that they are the leading professional in the area.  Are you to believe them all?  Of course you aren’t.

For those who truly care about their family’s dental hygiene, spend time browsing the internet for nearby dentists and specialists, taking care to read multiple reviews about each one.  Ask your healthcare provider if they can supply you with a list of compatible dentists in Albuquerque to look into.  If you are the outgoing type, head to the area around your potential dentist’s office to ask around and see if anybody knows them.  At the very least, you’ll be starting off your move to Albuquerque in the right way, making acquaintances and possibly even friends as you go.

Regardless of your search methods, Albuquerque has a top-notch selection of dentists to choose from.  From basic family dentistry, to Orthodontists, to experts in Endodontics, you can find all types of dentistry being practiced in the Albuquerque area.  Many offices even employ their own specialists in addition to their general practitioners, making dental work a one-stop event.  With the prestigious medical school at the University of New Mexico located only a few miles from most places in Albuquerque, you will often find that your dentist is an educator of dentistry as well.  Occasionally, you might even find a dentist that teaches interns while working on your teeth.  Who better could you ask for to work on your mouth than someone who continues to research dentistry at an academic level, despite already having a practice?

It’s always important to understand your financial situation when finding a dentist.  For some people, it is the most critical factor when conducting this search.  Usually, your insurance provider will give you a list of options to choose from; these are dentists that are tailored to match your budget and insurance plan.  Often times though, when it comes to finding a dentist, people throw the financial judgments of their insurance providers out the window in favor of getting the top quality care that they deserve.  When doing this, get all of the details of your insurance plan and make a rough estimation of how much you could afford for the co-pay.  With this information in hand, venture to the offices of the dentists you have selected and discuss their payment options to determine if you can afford the higher quality care that they offer.  Often times, people are pleasantly surprised at the level of care and payment flexibility offered by many leading dentists in Albuquerque.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

If you have your own insurance provider and are satisfied with your plan, then the plans offered under the new health care initiatives proposed by the government might not be for you.  For many people who do need insurance coverage though, the new laws provide completely new ways to pay your medical bills, as well as coverage to those who were previously unable to afford it.  Ignore the running joke about the government built website bugging out for the first few weeks of its launch.  If you are one of the few still in the dark about this, there are some things to, at the very least, consider when opting for government health insurance.

Webpage design is a fairly simple task for the right person; you’d think that the government would be able to get things right the first time or at least have tested the page to work out the kinks.  This was not at all the case; the launch was plagued with technical errors, fake healthcare scams ruining people’s finances, having servers that were unable to handle the high traffic, and general confusion about how to proceed once you were able to get to an application form.  It’s estimated that as little as 1% of those interested were able to even submit an application.  Approximately 80% of those people had further issues with incomplete information being submitted to insurance providers.  But, despite the initial trouble, and to some, hilarity, Obama Care is helping out quite a lot of folks; the associated website,, is actually a very useful tool now that software designers have gutted it to finally make it work.  This fiasco was explained by business analyst and journalist Paul Ford when he commented that, “regardless of your opinions on the health-care law, this is the wrong way to make software.”  He was right.  At this point, it wasn’t an issue of law, affordability, or who was going to lose their coverage.  The problem wasn’t necessarily the idea; it was the implementation of the idea by the software designers.  With this in mind, rest assured that is now up and running just fine, with new plans being offered to people everyday.

Healthcare offered by the government can be broken up into individual plans, such as plans for dental, eye, and mental health insurance, just like the old plans could.  The most unique plan offered under the new healthcare laws is focused entirely on dental work.  Often referred to as the Smiles Plan, the government will now subsidize roughly 50% of your dental bills, up to an amount determined by your income.  The Smiles Plan is great for people who do not want full blown health insurance, and would rather just sign up for government healthcare to receive a discount on dental costs.  Albuquerque dentist offices have spent years preparing for an increase in patients covered under government healthcare plans.  So far, they, among other cities’ dentists, have seen mostly positive results stemming from healthcare reform.  Doctors working for hospitals, E.R. rooms, and other government sanctioned medical organizations are much less thrilled however.  It’s understandable, non-privatized medical practices are essentially getting hit with a budget cut which was directly induced by the government providing health insurance plans which allow patients to go elsewhere for their medical care at the same cost.

Holistic Medicine – A Blooming Practice

In the United States, holistic medicine has only recently become a serious topic of debate and practitioners are working hard to educate people about alternative options for people seeking medical treatment.  Holistic medicine is a burgeoning practice that provides services that are much different than standard medical procedures one would receive at a hospital.  Many people look to holistic practices for a more relaxing and what many describe as a “total body experience”.  Key differences between holistic (often referred to as CAM) medicine and traditional (COM) medicine arethat conventional medicine focuses solely on medical science and statistics, whereas holistic medicine uses more integrative practices that focus on science, lifestyle, and psychology.

Studies have shown that CAM practitioners treat a proportionally higher number of patients with chronic conditions than the average physician.  This is likely due to the more personal level of care offered by holistic doctors.  The type of care provided by integrative medicine generates higher rates of patient satisfaction, even though the patient’s symptoms are less likely to fully subside.  It’s important to note that their symptoms are statistically less likely to go away because of the sheer number of patients being treated with holistic practices for chronic issues and terminal illnesses.  In the same study, CAM patients demonstrated higher expectations for their healing process than COM patients did.  Differences in patient satisfaction rates are positively linked to the expectations of the patient.

Medical practice is primarily about relieving a patient’s symptoms so that they can resume normal life.  Regardless of why, it is unfortunate that integrative medicine’s rate of symptom relief isn’t higher.  One Albuquerque dentist has found a way to combine the best elements of the two types of practice into her work so that she provides complete patient satisfaction and symptom relief.  Dr. Alicia is an orthodontist whose practice offers individualized appointments catered to make your entire body feel great after a visit, not just your mouth.  In her office you’ll have a choice of music, luxurious pillows, aromatherapy using  Essential Oils, and many other amenities not available at a normal doctor’s or dentist’s office.  Once you get all settled in, let her practitioners take away that toothache or put a crown on that root canal; she offers the same symptom relieving care as a regular dentist, but with a unique holistic touch.

It might be a little bit easier for a dentist to incorporate holistic methods into her practice than an E.R. trauma surgeon.  But, if hospitals could master her technique of using both types of medicine they would see a huge spike in patient satisfaction while maintaining their high level of success in relieving patients’ symptoms.  People would be less afraid of major medical procedures like surgery and chemotherapy.  Tax-funded hospitals would regain their reputation as having the top quality care available.  The benefits of such a merger of method are endless.  As studies concerning holistic medicine continue to emerge, a greater number of people will begin to see the effectiveness of conventional medicine when coupled with integrative practices.

Cosmetic Dentistry – A Profile of the Leading Experts

Cosmetic surgery, particularly, cosmetic dentistry, is a rewarding, yet risky procedure.  Whether you are looking to clean up that rotten tooth or are getting multiple implants after a serious accident, cosmetic surgery has solutions to a variety of dental issues that people face.  The nation’s leading cosmetic dental surgeons are easily accessible to those who look in the right places.  Often, they are eager to provide answers to the problems you may have.

Dr. James Zimmer and Dr. Gary Sanchez are both renowned cosmetic dentists whose primary field of practice is surgery.Zimmer and Sanchez both combine an unprecedented level of professionalism with good bedside manner to provide a truly enjoyable experience for the patient.  With seemingly endless amounts of positive customer feedback, it is easy to trust in their wisdom.  Both doctors have sterling reputations amongst dentists nationwide and are part of a larger group of dentists who continue to advance the field of dentistry through their research.

Technological advancements, particularly those in the drug, porcelain, laser and plastic industries, are having huge, beneficial ramifications for cosmetic dentistry.  As continuing academics, Dr. James Zimmer and Dr. Gary Sanchez have spent many hours of their combined 67 years of dental experience into research, some of which has been at the forefront of these technological improvements.  Innovative professionals like these two are behind many of the efforts that have been made to improve cosmetic dentistry practices in recent years.

Dr. James Zimmer is the number one Albuquerque dentist in providing cosmetic dental work, as voted by numerous associations.  He is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the New Mexico Dental Association and the Albuquerque District Dental Society.  He has won numerous awards for his cosmetic dentistry and was selected as one of the top three cosmetic surgeons in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County by Top 3 Dentists.

Dr. Gary Sanchez, along with his partner in practice and brother, Dr. Greg Sanchez, are veteran dentists who place great importance on taking Continuing Education Courses to offer better care for their patients.  They are members of the Pankey Institute, the Misch Implant Institute, the American Dental Association, the New Mexico Dental Association, the Esthetic Study Club of New Mexico, the Implant Study Club of New Mexico, and the Tucker Gold Study Club, just to name a few.  These guys are serious about educating themselves and othersto advance their field.  Both are DOCS Oral Conscious Sedation Certified and Dr. Gary Sanchez was also voted as a top dentist by Top 3 Dentists.

To find out more about these and other leading dentists, Top 3 Dentists’ website provides information on experts practicing in a variety of fields.  There are many other review boards that provide third-party certification for medical professionals.  Many dentists are certified by multiple organizations and their qualifications can almost always be found online.  With the widely known medical school at UNM located in Albuquerque, it’s not surprising to find that a Drs. Zimmer and Sanchez are some of the most prominent in their field.